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Redecoration and New Uses

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With the main focus of our activities being in the main hall, it is easy to overlook the rest of the building. Upstairs we have the Holding Room which is ideal for smaller meetings, and elsewhere in the building we have smaller room that were once part of the living accommodation for the workers of the adjacent Malt House. Those smaller rooms have their original footprint and are rare examples of late 1700/early 1800 domestic buildings. Indeed they are so special that we are unlikely to get planning permission to modify them so that they can be better used.

Upstairs we have for a long time rented one of these rooms out on an ad hoc basis to local therapists – though in recent years received feedback that the colour scheme was not conducive to therapy. So, we revamped the downstairs committee room in order to be able to relocate the therapists there while the upstairs room was redecorated. Then set about the upstairs room.

As you can see from the before and after photos here – the move away from the previous terracotta colour scheme was a good one. And pleasing because both rooms are now being used by therpists.

This work – as well as the recent redecoration of the back staircase and Holding Room) – has been paid for out of our own funds. 

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