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Real Me Yoga

Signposting real bodies towards a real life ...

Live well : feel happy. Joanna is expert in helping YOU define and achieve optimum health. She specialises in health for the over 50's using movement and healthy breathing.

Using accessible, fuss-free yoga her method is thoughtful, gentle and very effective. Joanna ensures students work at their own pace and understand the reasons why and how their body benefits.

Working in friendly non competitive groups everyBODY works with what they have, with where they are in fitness, achieving incremental and lasting changes for a fulfilling and happy lifestyle.
Future proof your wellness with Weekly classes in;-
Posture & core
Energy & vitality
Flexibility & balance
Focus & calmness

Currently Instruction is offered on and offline via screens and in gardens & open spaces. Group & Private tuition, home practice RePlay classes, micro retreats and 10 minute daily LIVE Sit and Still Natural Breath instruction. To enrol please email Or connect privately at;-
The new timetable is available to print here:


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